Exceed beyond the stock price of “Beyond meat”! / 3182:Oisix ra daichi

Purchasing and supporting the stocks of companies that are expected to grow in the future is one of the great attractions of stock investment. You buy cheap-priced stocks when many investors are unaware of the company’s potential, and sell them when they are later noticed and become more popular and soaring. It’s a dream success story for many investors. 

However, if you own a stock of great promise company, no one pays attention to it, the stock price will not rise. Stock prices are always determined by supply & demand. Let me talk about my lack of experience and the risk of carrying over after financial statements.  

Future potential of organic vegetables and additive-free foods 

Speaking of “Oisix ra daichi”, it is the company that sells foods and foodstuffs that consider safety such as organic vegetables, specially cultivated agricultural products, and additive-free processed foods. By consolidate with “DAICHI wo MAMORUKAI” and “Radish Boya”, “Oisix ra daichi” have become one of the leading companies in this field as a home delivery market in Japan. I myself have been a member of “DAICHI wo MAMORUKAI” for more than 10 years, and I trust and support this company about food. 

On April 25, 2019, “Oisix ra daichi” announced the acquisition of “Three Limes” This company deliveres the vegan food(completely vegetarian food that does not consume any animal foods such as meat and seafood, dairy products and eggs)  under the “Purple Carrot” brand in US. Oisix are beginning to deploy “Purple Carrot” in Japanese market. In addition, “Beyond meat” has become a topic in US this year.  They develops the artificial meat of vegetable origin. 

In April 2020, Oisix was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange from Mothers. And the business tie-up with “Ootoya Holdings” became news in August 2020. Ootoya is restaurant chain has over 300 restaurants in Japan. 

At one time, the danger of imported vegetables and processed foods became a hot topic. And the news of camouflaged production areas became news every day. Considering these facts, it is expected that demand for further food safety will increase in Japan in the future. I was paying attention to this “Oisix ra daichi” started to invest stocks in 2019. 

Carrying over after financial statements is gambling? 

Looking at the stock chart, after hitting the highest price of 2,497 yen on 2018/12, it has become a downward trend. On April 16, 2019, I purchased Oisix at 1,773 yen * 200 shares!  

On May 14, 2019, the financial results of Oisix for 2018 were announced. Everyone! please listen carefully. Despite I just started to invest stocks, the stock I just bought announced great financial statements. 

Sales 39,987 (Million Yen) -> 64,026 (Year to year comparison +60%) 

Business Profit 891 (Million Yen) -> 2,312 (Year to year comparison +159% )

As a shareholder, Oisix ra daichi is a brilliant company to make such a great financial result! Depending on the stock apps, The company name be displayed as “Oira daichi” It saw strange. But the sales became 1.6 times compared with previous year! And business profit became 2.6 times!  

I felt excited as a holder. In tomorrow, The price of stocks will rise sharply…I was flying in a flower garden.  

Come on!            1,559 Yen -> 1,188Yen (-24% closing price on the previous day) ………………

It is over -3σ ………………………………….

If the stock price doesn’t go up in this financial statements, when will it go up? I felt that first time at this time “I don’t know the stocks” I didn’t remember the comment from the stock news at that time, but it would have been mentioned in the news as “Disappointing sales and business profit,because sales were only 1.6 times, business profit was only 2.6 times, these values are less than the market consensus”. I think every time these comments cheats at rock-paper-scissors.
Market consensus is the average value of the forecasts of experts in stock analysis research. “It was a good performance, but not as good as everyone thought it was. So bad!” But if everyone thought it was good, but was it going to be a downtrend?  

Everyone thought it was good performance, but it seems that the stock price will rise when it is far better than it.So it was said that savvy investors don’t carry over their stocks on the day announced their financial statements. Why is it said that “Carrying over gambling”, After all, whether the stock price goes up or down after the announcement of financial statements has not often relationship  with whether the financial results are good or bad. 

In addition, I purchased Oisix stocks 1,203 yen * 200 shares in May 16, 2019.  However, I could not stand the stock price no-movement, and I sold all stocks for 1,500 yen on June 16. It was almost plus or minus zero. 

Later Oisix ra daichi

The final financial results for March 2020 were announced on May 21, 2020. 

Sales 64,026 (Million Yen) -> 71,040 (Year to year comparison +11% )

Business Profit 2,312 (Million Yen) -> 2,467 (Year to year comparison +7% )

After the announcement of financial statements, the closing price was 1,706 yen -> 1,946 yen  (+14% on the previous day), last year’s growth rate of financial statements was better than this year, but the closing price of the next day was -25%.  It’s difficult to carry over stocks after financial statements. In addition, the forecast for the financial results for March 2021 is also solidly growing. 

2020 1Q financial results have been announced in August, 2020. 

1Q Sales 16,265 (Million Yen) -> 23,132 (Year to year comparison +42%) 

1Q Business Profit 543 (Million Yen) -> 2,076 (Year to year comparison +280%) 

After the announcement of financial statements, the closing price was 2,564 yen ->3,065 yen  (+20% on the previous day) It’s great results. 

There are two things I learned this time.

1. If you have invested in some company after you think this company has truly  promising by yourself, you should have kept the stocks from a long-term perspective, except when the preconditions you judge have broken down. In my case, I could only stand for about two months. From my current point of view, I regret that two months was too short. The stock has doubled a year and two months after. 

2. Based on my experience so far, in my case, the win rate that carry over stocks after financial statements is very low. Probably, it was simply because I didn’t have the ability to choose my stock.

However, although the financial statements were good, there are many cases that the stock price fell sharply. I think it’s better to decide the stock in the long term. However, in the short or medium term, it’s best not to carry over after financial statements.

I’d like to collect data on this subject, so please wait a little longer. 

But I will be research about “Oisix ra daichi” for years to come.

Thank you for reading to the end. That is all for today. 




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