RPA is amazing! Is the RPA era coming soon? / 3393:Startia Holdings

RPA stands for “Robotic Process Automation” It’s like a robot that runs on your computer.  

Speaking of robots, we associate Sony’s QRIO biped robot, FANUC’s welding robot in a factory. If these robots are realistically shaped hardware robots, RPA is a software robot that runs on a personal computer. 

RPA can do the paperwork done in the office instead of people. There are advantages such as cost reduction, productivity improvement, human error reduction, and human resource shortage elimination. It may be a little old, but I think RPA will be the so-called theme stock. Various movements may emerge in the future. Attention please. 

In this time, I don’t think it’s a clearly mistake. but when I bought and sold the stock.  I rarely get things done as I expected (maybe I couldn’t analyze so deeply), so there are many such things… However, I was able to learn a lot about RPA, it was a good study in that sense. 

“Robo-Pat” and “Win Actor” in Japanese RPA market 

Win Actor is the No.1 share with about 35%, and UiPath with No.2 share is about 30%. The third place is about 10% by Fujitsu. Major Big 3 accounts for almost 75%. Many manufacturers are competing for the remaining 25%. Robo-Pat is included in the remaining 25%. Feeling the need for RPA in my real life, I decided to investigate various things and try the following two types of RPA applications. 

1) Win Actor / developer : NTT Data 

2) Robo-Pat  / developer : FCE Process & Technology 

Both are pure Japanese RPA software, but the features are very different. Win Actor is a high-end model that can do anything. In terms of share of the Japanese car market, It is Toyota motor.  

On the other hand, Robo-Pat has fewer functions than Win Actor, but the introduction cost is about 1/15, which is reasonable. Speaking of share, is it just Mazda or Subaru? 

I tried using it, Win Actor is a comprehensive high-end application that can do various amazing things. You can usually do almost everything you want to do. It’s just not easy to approach Win Actor. It is hard to create Win Actor system to a person who has no experience in IT and who is not accustomed to using a personal computer. But if you really want to create system you want to do, I think you should choose Win Actor.  

On the contrary, Robo-Pat is easy to reach. It’s not probably the most helpful tool. But I think anyone who uses a computer some extent can use it.

It seems that 600 companies have introduced it and the number of licenses it has introduced is 1,100. These two applications have the opposite concept. “Which application is better?” is not sense. I felt that it was better to choose by how to use. 

Which stock should I buy? Win Actor or Robo-Pat? 

I tried using two RPA applications and I thought this one works so good! Large companies often already have their own systems, so I thought it might be capability for small and medium-sized companies. NTT Data (9613), who develops Win Actor, is a large company. They are not making money only with RPA, so we cannot expect a large fluctuation in stock prices due to RPA. I think that Robo-Pat has more growth potential when investing. However, FCE Process & Technology, the developer of Robo-Pat, is unlisted company… It’s sad. It’s a shame. That’s too bad. 

So I decided to buy the shares of Startia Holdings (3393), the parent company of Startia Rays, which is a distributor of both Win Actor and Robo-Pat and various other RPA applications. At that time, I could only see the financial results until 2019 2Q, but even if I look at the 2020 2Q, the financial results are not so refreshing. 

After all, buying and selling have resulted in a minus of less than -30,000 yen 

3/27   577 yen × 200 shares buy 

5/17   553 yen × 100 shares buy 

8/28   482 yen  x 300 shares sell 

What about NTT Data who is developing Win Actor? This is also a delicate profit and chart.  

Huh? On the chart of Startia Holdings, Perhaps big wave of RPA stock already ended in January 2018??  





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