Crowd sourcing will be popular under Corona virus pandemic? / 3900: Crowdworks

I searched on the internet so much when I just started investing stocks. Future jobs are recruited on the crowd. And someone who want to receive the job receive orders and deliver on the crowd.  Business is completed on the Web regardless of the existing distribution channels of existing business. 

Doesn’t this match the current era? Under the emergency declaration due to corona virus pandemic, there are restrictions for work or go to office, many people work from home, hold the video meetings with Teams and Zoom. I think that these work method suits the times. Even after the corona virus has converged, I think these convenient method that people once realized will continue in the future. 

I would like to introduce my failure story here. It is we should be cautious when purchasing these theme stocks. 

It’s common, a growing company in the future is not profitable in now. In theme stocks, there are many companies whose stock prices have rose sharply even though they have little profit.  It is important to know how profitable a company is, no matter how popular it is. Would you want to buy stocks of a company with no profit if the stock prices of these companies plunge? 

When it comes to theme stocks, we can think of masks, telework, bio, games, 5G, under grounding of electric wires, semiconductors, and so on. It seems that the stocks related to talked-about materials are collectively called the theme stocks. 

Rise sharply in a short time! Drop sharply in a short time! After the fashion goes away, nobody looks. You have to be careful about these features mentioned above. In my case, it was a crowd sourcing themed stock, but it didn’t rise as much as I had while I had it. It may come from now. 

Here comes Crowdworks. I think that many people have recently seen Kippei Shiina and Wakana Aoi appear in TV & youtube commercial as well. 

As always, Crowdworks is spending much money on advertising. I had been her shareholder at one time. Even now, whenever I hear the name of Crowdworks, I feel complicated. 

Is it okay to say honesty only here? I’ve believed her. But she gave me huge loss. 

What is it? Is it like ex-girlfriend was wicked?  I had been with her for 5 months, but it was pretty tough. (the eyes like looking far off into the distance.)  

Yes, I’ll finish it. Sorry. I just wanted to say a little. 

5 months of Crowdworks and I 

I bought 100 shares for 2,162 yen on March 27 2019 in the NISA system. Our future was bright and full of hope.  

4/9 Crowdworks President sold his shares. Holding ratio 30.91% → 28.53% Stock price change -41 yen (-2%)  

5/14 2019 2Q Ordinary Income -7.9% Stock price -306 yen(-19.7%)   

8/13 2019 3Q Ordinary Profit +26 Million yen! (-109 million yen in the same period of 2018) tomorrow Max price from the previous day is +227 yen (+19%), but the closing price is +63 yen +5%  

8/28 Sold for 1,128 yen. Compare with purchasing price is -1034 yen (-92%).  It was down to almost half value. Our five months seemed long and there was almost nothing between them. 

On the contrary, as you can see from the chart, it was painful for me to see the daily deceasing stock price. yesterday, today, tomorrow… It was tough.  

The loss was  gradually increasing every day. I made a forecast the price recovers from the profitability of 3Q in 2019. But after that the price decreased… I decided that I will break up with Crowdworks. Although it was a NISA system stocks, I honestly felt relieved after I sold it. 

One year of Crowdworks after that 

I checked Crowdworks chart for the first time in a year. Nostalgic… How have you been? 

Under the Corona virus shock, No exception the stock price had fallen sharply to 538 yen. After that, it showed steady growth and reached a peak of 1,635 yen in 2020/6, and is now in the range of 1,100 yen to 1,200 yen. 

How was her performance after that?  
Sales have been growing steadily. The surplus of operating profits that have been continuing for the past two years. Is the forecast for 2020, -500 to -1,000 million yen? ? ? Sales are slightly increase. 

Let’s check the numbers. Sales are little by little, but they are on an upward trend. 

The operating profit is almost zero. The sales of quarter is over 2 billion yen, but the operating profit is somehow 6 million yen in 2020 2Q.  

Gross profit is obtained by subtracting purchasing costs from sales. 

Business profit is that gross profit minus selling and administrative expenses. Selling and administrative expenses include office cost, utility bills, communication cost, advertising and promotion costs, etc. 

Why is operating income so bad at -500 million yen to -1000 million yen for the full business year 2020? 

In the second quarter financial report for the fiscal year ending September 2020, it is explained that it is due to the policy of concentrating and expanding investment in the strong matching business in the medium to long term. 

The future Crowdworks

I have read the 2nd quarter financial results briefing report for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020.   

1) The total contract amount for 2019 is 2.3 times that of Lancers, Lancers ranks second in the industry segments. 4.2 times that of Mirai Works, Mirai Works ranks third in industry segments. 

2) 2020 2Q: Sales +31%(year to year comparison), gross profit +26% (y to y comparison), operating profit -70 million yen (previous year -30 million yen) 

3) A smooth transition to company-wide telework under Corona virus pandemic. No impact on 2Q results   

4) Continued client contract growth is high +62.5% (vs 2016)   

5) The generalization of crowd sourcing will accelerate in the future. It is due to the generalization of teleworking, the expansion of side jobs, and the revision of work-style reform related bills (employment extension until the age of 70). It will be a tailwind for Crowdworks 

6) Advertising costs increased by +0.1 billion yen in addition to 1Q. It due to the start of TV commercial test marketing, but it was kept lower than 1Q by suppressing other selling and administrative expenses. 

7) Advertising expenses was 110 million yen in 2020 1Q (870 million is selling and managing expenses). 215 million yen in 2020 2Q (943 million yen is selling and managing expenses).     

8) Aggressive investment will be suppressed in 2020 3Q. Considering the situation, TV commercial will restart or stop from 4Q. 

9) The annual order price for workers is 55,000 yen. 202,000 annual contractors  

10) Cash flow balance 2612 million yen in the first half of 2019. 3040 million yen in the first half of 2020. 

 8-August 2020, Crowdworks 2020 3Q financial results announcement!! 

What will be the profit and loss from April to June under the emergency declaration due to corona virus pandemic? It’s interesting. 




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