History of I and Bio stocks / 4974: Takara Bio

It’s embarrassing to say the history of Bio stocks. Because the experience is currently only and 4974:Takara Bio. The stock that I bought in my life is 5333:NGK Insulators. Five days later I bought the bio brand. It is Takara Bio! Speaking of bio stocks, fearful bio stocks! When I just jumped into the bio stock, I bought Takara Bio without even knowing the word bio stock.  I would like to share what I felt and what I learned at that time. 

Encounter with Takara Bio through Yukiguni Maitake, through Peter Lynch 

I purchased Takara Bio for 100 shares at 2,640 yen on March 27, 2019 in NISA system. The reason why I bought Takara Bio is that I read the words of famous investor Peter Lynch, “It is important to constantly raise sensitivity to notice various things from everyday life”  

When I was thinking a lot about purchasing stocks, I came up with the company name, “Yukiguni Maitake” Do you know that “Yukiguni Maitake” was the first company to successfully mass produce Maitake? Maitake is one of Japanese famous mushrooms. When I was a kid, Maitake was a valuable item, so we couldn’t buy it in a supermarket.
 Maitake was valuable due to good taste even in the mountains, and it was so valuable that the person who found Maitake danced with joy. Maitake means “Dancing mushroom” in Japanese. Yukiguni Maitake, the first mass production company of Maitake mushrooms, was famous company for its technical capabilities. Now, we can buy Maitake in every supermarket in Japan. This is due to Yukiguni Maitake. Hokuto has also succeeded in mass production now. 

Yukiguni Maitake has head office in Minami-Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous rice field area in Japan. and the head office building on the 10th floor stands in the middle of the rice field. I thought the landscape is something curious. As a locally renowned and excellent company, For example “It seems that Josef’s son got a job in Yukiguni Maitake” it was trophy thing in this city. 

In the past time, Yukiguni Maitake was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd section. But now it is not listed due to acquisitions. I was interested by Takara Bio when I saw the news that “the mushroom business was transferred from Takara Bio to Yukiguni Maitake”. 

Average down life is continued 

I purchased Takara Bio for 100 shares at 2,640 yen on March 27, 2019 in NISA system. If Takara Bio would reach the high price of 3,200 yen that it put on September 9 2018, it would be about +600 yen. At that time, My brain was a flower garden. 

”Strange thing…” Even after two months, Takara Bio’s stock price will continue to decline… My unrealized loss increased to -45,000 yen. Why can’t it rise? 

For averaged down, I bought 300 shares when price fell down -17%.  Average down is to lower the average purchasing price by buying more when the stock price drops. In this case, the purchasing price was 2,640 yen, but the average purchasing price fell to 2,299 yen by buying 300 shares for 2,185 yen.  

Until now, Stock balance will be finally plus or minus zero, when the stock price would  returned to 2,640 yen. But for average down, Stock balance will be plus or minus zero, when the stock price would return to 2,299 yen. It will be plus or minus zero line fell by 340 yen. 

After three more months, the stock price did not rise, and after all I could not stand it and sold it for 2,163 yen. Stock balance was -54,000 yen. If I didn’t conduct average down, it would have been -48,000 yen. Bio stocks irritated… 

Any time now, it’s going to rise 

I sold everything for 2,163 yen on 8/27 and withdrew from Takara Bio. I bought it again as soon as it would go up when I saw it dropped to 2,083 yen on 11/13. However, I sold it for 2,069 yen two days later. I paid 4,200 yen + commission. Is my hobby donate money?  

I’m wondering why the stock price hasn’t risen even though Takara Bio’s sales have been growing recently and its operating profit has been growing as well. 

What about average down? 

Average down at such a falling market, such buying is called contrarian.It is a tactic that goes against many people in the world. 
Is it confront an airplane with a bamboo spear? It is Japanese phrase. Japanese people seem to love contrarian. I also love contrarian, as you can see.  

However, if you think calmly, do you buy and support alone while many people (including large investment institutions) are selling? Do you support like Bank of Japan ETF buying? Hello? Are you the Bank of Japan? 

It would be fine if we could spend billions of yen. But would it be more efficient for people who are investing limited amount of money, like us, to do the opposite? I doubt it. 

It’s not a sharksucker, but I should not sell it when a lot of people buy it.  I should not buy it when a lot of people sell it. When the stock price has fallen and you want to buy it, it’s not too late after it bottoms out and starts to rise. It’s never too late. Neither God nor Mr. Testa know when is the lowest bottom! 

My hell’s pattern up to now 

Down! <- Buy average down! 

Down! Down! <- Buy average down! 

Down! Down! Down! <- Buy average down! 

Down! Down! Down! Down! <- No money to buy more… 

Down! Down! Down! Down! Down! <- I can’t stand and sold all!   

Up! <- jealous! 

Up! Up! <- more jealous! 

Up! Up! Up! <- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! 

Incoming My heaven’s pattern 

Down! <- wait-and-see. Lucky! 

Down! Down! <- wait-and-see. Good!  

Down! Down! Down!  <- wait-and-see. Great! 

Down! Down! Down! Down! <- wait-and-see. Excellent! 

Down! Down! Down! Down! Down!  <- wait-and-see. Amazing! 

Up! <- Best. But impossible! 

Up! Up! <- Buy! Grin! 

Up! Up! Up! <- Buy! Smile! 

Subsequent Takara Bio 

As of July 2020, Takara Bio’s latest high was 3,535 yen, and it has revived wonderfully!  

There are various plans and ideas about the settlement of accounts, supply and demand etc. So there are times when the stock price does not rise because it is too delicate for the contents of this year’s settlement.  

This time was a good example, you should hold it long time, if you did a lot of research and decided to buy it at your own discretion. 

It’s a waste of consumption tax and trading fees that you frequently buy and sell in a short time. 

 I will read this article from time to time for not forget it… 

 Thank you for reading this book. 




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