Change of thinking about investment Vol.2 (First stock selection1)

I chose gold & platinum investment as the beginning of my investment, But I stopped this investment after one and half month. After that, I started to get interested in stock investment. I didn’t have much knowledge about stock investment, so I suddenly jumped into this world. 

I decided to create my blog as an expression of that determination and record the process. I hope this blog will help people in the first year of stocks to take a detour like I do and not have a big negative balance from the first year. 

Really at that time, I bought and sold stocks in an atmosphere. I didn’t have my strategy. I’m impressed that I was buying and selling stocks of a company that I didn’t know anything about without knowing anything. Before 2 years, my strategy or stocks was so poor…


5333:NGK Insulators 

The first memorable brand I bought in my life was NGK Insulators. The trigger was the online news of the XYZ Economic newspaper. 

 “In the future, environmental regulations will be tightened worldwide, and regulations in China will also become stricter. These regulations will be a great tailwind for exhaust gas purification equipment. Therefore, NGK will be the noteworthy brand in the future.” 


・NGK is a large company that I know what it does.   

・NGK brand is world famous company   

・It may be a good company because a university graduate with a high deviation value of acquaintances is working.   

・”Gaishi(NGK) Hall” is famous as a concert hall with good sound.  


This is a good buy!   

“I must buy it before the stock price rises due to the people who have seen this article!” I hurriedly bought 200 shares at 1,700 yen on March 22nd. Three days after purchasing NGK stocks, the news came out and it was a big drop of -200 yen, about -12%.   

On March 25th, NGK announced that its consolidated net income for the fiscal year ending March 2019 will be 25% lower than the previous year at 34.5 billion yen.  

The forecast is 9.5 billion yen lower than the previous forecast. Demand for automobile parts fell significantly below expectations, and business profitability declined… 


NGK announced on the 25th that it has decided to dissolve a Chinese subsidiary that manufactures electric wire parts “insulators”. Profitability deteriorated due to intensifying competition with Chinese manufacturers. Demand for “insulators” is sluggish worldwide… 

As a result, I should have been patient and held this stock. I think there is a problem with how to select a brand. Recent financial results, this year’s earnings forecast, financial position, all were unchecked. I was courageous. 

 2021/2, The stock price of NGK is 1,891 yen. Unfortunately, I sold this stocks at plus minus zero. If I held NGK Insulators until 2021/2, The surplus is +191yen. It was +11% surplus. This figure is good result compared to average S&P profit rate was 7%.  


3393:Startia Holdings  

RPA stands for “Robotic Process Automation” It’s like a robot that runs on your computer.  Speaking of robots, we associate Sony’s QRIO biped robot, FANUC’s welding robot in a factory. If these robots are realistically shaped hardware robots, RPA is a software robot that runs on a personal computer.  

RPA can do the paperwork done in the office instead of people. There are advantages such as cost reduction, productivity improvement, human error reduction, and human resource shortage elimination. I felt that there would be great demand for RPA in the future.  
I focused on two contrasting applications. Win Actor is the No.1 share with about 35%. NTT Data (9613) developed it. Robo-Pat is doing well in the field for small and medium-sized enterprises. Robo-Pat is included in the remaining 25% mid-range RPA  except for Big-3 occupy 75% High-range RPA share. 
Both are pure Japanese RPA software, but the features are very different. Win Actor is a high-end model that can do anything. Win Actor’s share is like Toyota motor in Japanese car market.  On the other hand, Robo-Pat has fewer functions than Win Actor, but the introduction cost is about 1/15, which is reasonable. Speaking of share, is it just Mazda or Subaru? 

I tried using it, Win Actor is a comprehensive high-end application that can do various amazing things. You can usually do almost everything you want to do. It’s just not easy to approach Win Actor. It is hard to create Win Actor system to a person who has no experience in IT and who is not accustomed to using a personal computer. But if you really want to create system you want to do, I think you should choose Win Actor.   

On the contrary, Robo-Pat is easy to reach. It’s not probably the most helpful tool. But I think anyone who uses a computer some extent can use it. It seems that 600 companies have introduced it and the number of licenses it has introduced is 1,100. 

 These two applications have the opposite concept. “Which application is better?” is not sense. I felt that it was better to choose by how to use.  

However, I didn’t know which would be more advantageous for future sales growth. 

NTT Data (9613), who develops Win Actor, is a large company. They are not making money only with RPA, so we cannot expect a large fluctuation in stock prices due to RPA. I think that Robo-Pat has more growth potential when investing. However, FCE Process & Technology, the developer of Robo-Pat, is unlisted company… It’s sad. It’s a shame. That’s too bad. 

I decided to buy the shares of Startia Holdings (3393), the parent company of Startia Rays, which is a distributor of both Win Actor and Robo-Pat and various other RPA applications.  

I bought stocks of Startia Holdings at 577yen、553yen. But I quickly sold all at 482 yen. It is –15% loss. I couldn’t stand the steadily falling stock prices every day. I was so disgusted that I sold everything. However, if I held the stock until 2021/2, it would be 1,035 yen plus! +8.3%. The result was that I should have put up with it and kept it. 


I searched on the internet so much when I just started investing stocks. Future jobs are recruited on the crowd. And someone who want to receive the job receive orders and deliver on the crowd.  Business is completed on the Web regardless of the existing distribution channels of existing business.  

Doesn’t this match the current era? Under the emergency declaration due to corona virus pandemic, there are restrictions for work or go to office, many people work from home, hold the video meetings with Teams and Zoom. I think that these work method suits the times. Even after the corona virus has converged, I think these convenient method that people once realized will continue in the future. 

Crowdworks appeared in front of my life.  

2019/3/27, I bought these stocks at 2,162 yen in Tax-free NISA program 

4/9 Crowdworks President sold his shares. Holding ratio 30.91% → 28.53% Stock price change -41 yen (-2%)    

I honestly thought why did the president sell just after I bought stocks… Probably, there were many reasons for this president. But this suddenly big stock price down is heavy for beginer like me. It was painful for me to see the daily deceasing stock price. yesterday, today, tomorrow… It was tough.  After five month, I sold all stocks at –28%. CrowdWorks has done a lot of damage to me. Its worst ranking is 5th. Feb-2021, The stock price comes back to 1,859 yen. However, if I held the stock until 2021/2, it would be plus! +3%.  The result was that I should have put up with it and kept it. 


I have summarized the balances of the three brands I introduced this time that I bought first in my life, “Actual My Balance” and “If I Owned Until 2021/2”. Difference +316,900 yen. .. .. What the hell! No more… No way… Someone help me… 

To be continued… 

         Actual my balance        If I owned stocks until 2021/2   

NGK Insulators            -800yen                          +38,200yen 

Startia Holdings      -26,100yen                        +139,800yen 

Crowdworks     -101,590yen         +10,410yen                ————————————————————————————-   

Total                       -128,490yen                       +188,410yen 

                                    Difference +316,900 yen 




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