Change of thinking about investment Vol.3 (First stock selection2)

I chose gold & platinum investment as the beginning of my investment, But I stopped this investment after one and half month. After that, I started to get interested in stock investment. I didn’t have much knowledge about stock investment, so I suddenly jumped into this world. 

I decided to create my blog as an expression of that determination and record the process. I hope this blog will help people in the first year of stocks to take a detour like I do and not have a big negative balance from the first year.
The content of this stock selection edition may overlap with past articles, but please understand that it is a summary again. 

I mentioned in “Change of thinking about investment Vol.2 (First stock selection1)”. I bought and sold stocks, NGK Insulators(5333), Startia Holdings(3393), Crowdworks(3900) Really at that time, I bought and sold stocks in an atmosphere. I didn’t have my strategy. I’m impressed that I was buying and selling stocks of a company that I didn’t know anything about without knowing anything. Before 2 years, my strategy or stocks was so poor… 

My actual balance of payments is -128,490 yen with these three stock brands. If I owned 3 stock brands until 2021/2, the balance of payments would be +188,410 yen. The difference is +316,900 yen. It is a heavy result. How about the next three stock brands? 



Cars are useful for people. But there are some people don’t want own their cars because of maintenance costs such as vehicle inspections, parking fees and insurance costs. This car sharing system is suitable for these people. Personally, I thought it was the best business type in this list.  

“Times” brand is operated by “Park24” is mainly parking lot business, But their car sharing business is the undisputed No1 share in Japan. And the number of sharing cars is about 30,000. Even if compared with “Careco” of No2, number of cars is more than six fold. About “Orix” of No3, number is more than six fold.   

For the following reasons, In March 2019, I thought that I could buy the future of Park 24.1) Young people’s lack of interest in cars -> Not purchasing, sharing when needed  

2) Increasing number of households worried about the economic disadvantages of owning a car3) Enhancement of car sharing infrastructure  

1) 2) are popular phrase. I felt 3) in my usual life. there is a Times parking lot near my house, including 3 cars for car sharing. I often pass in front of the parking lot, I was impressed that the occupancy rate was high. Perhaps the car has been moved to another parking lot. Before that, if the occupancy rate is like this, it may not be worth the profit. 

After purchasing 100 shares of Tax-free NISA program for 2,460 yen in March 2019, I couldn’t put up with no    movement. I sold it for 2,490 yen three months later. It’s +30 yen for the time being. But it’s a Tax-free NISA program, it’s actually a loss. After plunge due to the coronavirus shock, it has now returned to 2,004 yen, but it seems that stock price is low. If I had this stock until 2021/4, it would have been -94,200 yen. It is a serious situation because it got into the red due to the corona pandemic. It was a good decision to sell the stocks of Park24 at that time.


4974:Takara Bio 

I purchased Takara Bio for 100 shares at 2,640 yen on March 27, 2019 in NISA system. The reason why I bought Takara Bio is that I read the words of famous investor Peter Lynch, “It is important to constantly raise sensitivity to notice various things from everyday life”  

 When I was thinking a lot about purchasing stocks, I came up with the company name, “Yukiguni Maitake” Do you know that “Yukiguni Maitake” was the first company to successfully mass produce Maitake? Maitake is one of Japanese famous mushrooms. 

In the past time, Maitake was a valuable item, so we couldn’t buy it in a supermarket.
 Maitake was valuable due to good taste even in the mountains, and it was so valuable that the person who found Maitake danced with joy. Maitake means “Dancing mushroom” in Japanese. Yukiguni Maitake, the first mass production company of Maitake mushrooms, was famous company for its technical capabilities. Now, we can buy Maitake in every supermarket in Japan. This is due to Yukiguni Maitake. Hokuto has also succeeded in mass production now. 

Yukiguni Maitake has head office in Minami-Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous rice field area in Japan. and the head office building on the 10th floor stands in the middle of the rice field. I thought the landscape is something curious. 

As a locally renowned and excellent company, For example “It seems that Josef’s son got a job in Yukiguni Maitake” it was trophy thing in this city. 

 In the past time, Yukiguni Maitake was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd section. But now it is not listed due to acquisitions. I was interested by Takara Bio when I saw the news that “the mushroom business was transferred from Takara Bio to Yukiguni Maitake”. 

After repeating buying and selling several times for 7 months, the profit &loss was -30,795 yen. Currently, it has recovered to 2,885 yen. With the development of the coronavirus test kit, the stock price has risen considerably. If I continue to hold shares until 2021/4, it will be +619,300 yen. It is +619.300 yen. It is +619.300 yen. It is +619.300 yen. 



MonotaRO is a company mainly engaged order of factory and construction indirect materials in online site, “Grainger” (GWW) in US, is the parent company with a 49.9% stake. Corporate customers and individuals customers can use online site. I also use corporate and personal accounts. And I am a very satisfied this company as a user.  

Various materials and parts are cheap. In addition, it can be said that MonotaRO has almost everything you want. It is useful because their items are delivered quickly.  

In the field of factory material, It was said that MonotaRO is the company like Amazon. I think it makes sense. The point of view on business is wonderful. I think that MonotaRO’s business model will succeed now, but I couldn’t notice it before Monotaro, so it’s a really brilliant idea. We can see the TV commercials of MorotaRO from a few years. They are already major company. It seems that the number of individual customers is increasing. Many of my acquaintances are also members and I am realized. 

The relationship between I and MonotaRO began with the purchase of 100 shares on 2020/3. I sold it immediately and profit& loss is +5,872 yen. It is wonderful. 

If I continue to hold shares until 2021/4, it will be +52,800 yen. It is so wonderful. It is so wonderful. It is so wonderful. 



Here is a summary of “my actual profit & loss” and “if I owned it until 2021/2 or 2021/4” for the first 3+3=6 stocks I bought in my life that I introduced in this two-part series. Difference is +919,693 yen. 


                             Actual my balance       If I owned stocks until 2021/2-4        

NGK Insulators           -800 yen                  +38,200 yen 

Startia Holdings     -26,100 yen                +139,800 yen 

Crowdworks         -101,590 yen          +10,410 yen 

Park24                          +30 yen                   -94,200 yen 

Takara Bio        -30,795 yen          +619,300 yen 

MonotaRO               +5,872 yen                 +52,800 yen 


TOTAL                  -153,383 yen               +766,310 yen  

               Difference +919,693 yen 


My actual profit and loss were about -150,000 yen. But if I had held on it without selling it, it would have been about +770,000 yen. The difference is about 920,000 yen. To be honest, I was astonished. I don’t know if it was day trading or swing trading, but I was a novice who was trying to make a profit in a short period of time.  

Well, I think one of the main reasons was the high rate of increase in stock prices in 2020. However, as a result, I felt that stock prices can go up so much even in just two years.  

In my first year of trading stocks, I bought and sold these six stocks in a few days at the shortest and a few months at the longest. These stocks were that I wanted to buy, so I don’t think they are that bad. I was impressed by the fact that stock prices can rise in only two years. I am not saying that short-term trading is not good. I’m not saying that short-term trading is not good, but I was reminded that the probability of winning increases with long-term investment. We think we know this, but we soon forget. And I end up making messy short-term trades.  

I will continue to read this article on a regular basis so that I do not forget this result and put it into my memory. 









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